Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How About a Day Trip to Howth Harbor?

Today it’s a walk along the River Liffey on our way to the departure dock for the foot ferry to Howth Harbor.  It’s a lovely day, with promises of sunshine.  

We pass the tall ship Jeanie Johnson and the Famine Museum....and statues.  Oh my.

Finding a Starbucks (yes) we stop off for a coffee, on that is NOT Nescafé powder!  Then, not far to the boat dock.  Ok, we’ll go left.

Soon the Saint Bridget arrives for our cruise around Dublin Bay.

We wonder who thought up these dock line hooks?  Or is it hearts?

We enjoy our trip and viewing Dublin from the sea.  The channel markers are all “on the wrong side” the driving.  But, actually, it makes sense.  If you think about it, in the boating world, “Starboard” (right side) is marked with a green light, and Port (left) with a red light.  So, why not make the bouys match?  No need to memorize “Red, Right, Returning” when you can match up the starboard green of the boat to the returning bouy.  Only took me sixty some years to figure that one out.  Alas, we live in North America...and go boating there too.  Most of the time.

Top of the dock in Howth and it doesn’t take long to find a lunch spot!

It’s the train back to Dublin and tonight’s dinner is at The Brazen Head Pub.  VERY popular it seems, but we manage to fine a table.

A reoccurring theme for sure.

Then it’s back to pack....again, for tomorrow morning we are headed for Shannon by Irish Rail.  Not no nostalgia over leaving this accommodation.  Not one of my best picks.

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