Monday, May 22, 2017

Hej! Denmark!

We arrive Copenhagen, work our way through the airport, following the signs to "Trains" to Central Station.  There is a quick stop at the ATM, one more at the ticket machine and out to the train platform we go.  

Since we are pulling along our overhead cases we head for the train car clearly designated for bicycles, baby strollers and things with wheels.  You meet interesting people in these cars!  

Arriving at the Central Station, it's a 15 minute walk to our hotel.  

The small hotel has the perfect room for us, with the perfect breakfast.  The restaurant also serves small lunches and dinners, not to mention lovely wine.

Yes....fabulous breads, cheeses, meats, fruit, coffee, tea....and once again we find "ginger shots."  Oh, and eggs, jams, jellies, yogurt, chia pudding, granola and CHOCOLATE bits to sprinkle on things!

Lasagna dinner and a cheese tray for the perfect dinner.

This charming balcony is adjacent to the bar and restaurant area.  

Now to plan tomorrow's adventure on the search for Nan's great grandfather's farm on the Danish island if Mon (Moen in English spelling).  

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